When I am late for an appointment and driving white-knuckled, shoulders hunched, I am lucky to have trained my body to ask me if it’s okay to relax. The fact that I am always a little bit late should be a sign — to be present in the moment. It doesn’t work that way.

On the morning of February 14, 2018, driving to a morning appointment and experiencing my seven-minute deficit on the clock, I felt the tension was higher, wider and more encompassing. Sometimes, we tap into experiences outside ourselves, something we can only prove later. The anxiety is higher, for no apparent reason. We move into the future knowing some very bad thing is about to happen.

So journey with me on this path. We have to sit at the stop light, find the breath and relax no matter what. Our addiction to worry hasn’t gotten us anywhere, and we can’t push the river. It’s time for me to say all this and say I did. I took a breath, let my shoulders drop.

I didn’t use medication or meditation. It was practice, muscle release practice. I started this about twenty years ago.  Tense up, relax.  Tense up, relax. Train the body to let go.

Lift the shoulders, squeeze, make yourself tense as possible, then drop. Add laughter, add a big HAH! Be loud. Alone in your car.

We have so much letting go ahead.  Let’s go.

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