Don’t panic

I love thinking about Monty Python: “Just a flesh wound.” Many of my thoughts in an ordinary day can border on overly dramatic, and I’ve been learning to call up images of movies that offer take-downs of these dramas.

Do I have to panic about who is saying what during the aftermath of gun violence? Do I have to get all hot about it, when I could continue to keep my position of calm? Many people feel they must respond by getting hyper and panicked and hitting the streets. I am one of them.

I’ll be the first to say we need training and leadership, and we need to get rid of assault rifles in the hands of teenagers.  It’s not likely to be a flesh wound if I get shot by somebody with one of those, so I’m not sure how the Constitution will protect me. And if I shoot someone, it better be for legal reasons.  I’ll simply keep with the idea that murder is wrong, no matter who does it or why.

And I’ll engage my sense of humor if I can. And I’ll grieve with my fellow citizens. We’ve got to figure this out.  Thanks to the kids from Parkland, we might get moving on a few key points. Meanwhile, I’ll use my turn signal at the light, and I’ll continue to eat all my vegetables.  Keep calm, and take care.


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